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I've never asked for testimonials but the below were kindly sent to me after varios workshops.

'"Being used to digital photography I was unsure what I would get out of the Analogue Photography workshop, but as it was bought as a gift I went for it. I'm amazed at how much I learnt in such a short space of time. Jon and Doug (Chinnery) are both so approachable and make you feel at ease to ask anything, and with such a small group everyone gets all the attention they need, whatever their experience level. I have come away from the workshop with not only a better understanding of how to shoot great photos using light, f-stops and shutter speeds, but also a new and unexpected love and excitement for film. I love the history of image capturing and the simplicity of how is all started with pinhole cameras. I have since bought a pinhole cover for my Canon 600D, and a Vintage Agfa Isolette Camera with medium format film; I can not wait to see what results I can get from both. I've a new appreciation for how images are captured; my eye's have definitely been opened! Thanks guys!


Just a note to say thank you for the 2 workshops you recently organised for Dave and me.

Your hints and tips on developing films were enlightening and I really enjoyed that special moment when the contact sheets began to reveal themselves in the developer bath, so much so that we couldn't wait for our second workshop to arrive, where we got deeper into enlarging techniques such as dodging and burning. I still can't believe the shapes I bent my arms into when burning-in the sky of that pub.

After playing with the toys in your workroom, I have now acquired a large format camera for landscape photography. I am OK for developing the sheet film but will be in touch with you after the summer to plan a darkroom day (or two mornings) of enlarging my negs on your large format enlarger. Who knows what will come next, glass-plate negatives?

Can't wait, Stu'


'Great instruction, pitched at the just the right level for me. I finished the workshop feeling I had learned so much - I picked up lots of tips, and also had plenty to research myself afterwards too. I never felt overwhelmed by all the new information, and finished the day buzzing with ideas of what I can do with what I learned, which is always a sign of a good course and excellent teacher. I would never have had the confidence to try this solo without first doing this course, but now can't wait to get started. I was surprised by how much we did over the day, and at how hands on the day was, and I loved every minute (and the results). Thank you so much. '