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paper negative

Unique Silver Gelatin Print / 5x4 or 10x8 / Unique print

This workshop explores the paper negative technique. This is a fantastic, creative and highly enjoyable technique which offers many options for creating highly distinctive images. The video below shows the process in short in my Sheffield darkroom.

Jonathan Stead - Paper Negatives from Lee Joseph Elliott on Vimeo.

Using black and white photographic materials we will go through the entire process - from discovering a working ISO, contrast control and various printing options including enlargement and contact printing. You’ll have the opportunity to use a variety of vintage and modern analogue cameras, shown how best to expose your negatives, then how to process them and finally a brief introduction to traditional black and white printing using an enlarger.

This process works with just about any film camera including 35mm and medium format. Photographic history is full of cameras that no longer have the correct film format manufactured for them. Make use of 160 years of cameras – what ever the format, whatever the size, this workshop looks at paper negatives and how they can transform your never to be used car-boot camera into a working, fun image taking camera again.

This technique is fantastically flexible - paper negatives can produce fantastic tonal range, or can be manipulated. The resulting images are very evocative of the holiday snaps often seen in the 1950 – 60s. Just about any camera can be used from the early box brownie type to modern 35mm cameras – As long as the shutter works you’re good to go.

Sheffield dates are flexible and often, Email or call for further information or to book.