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Unique Silver Gelatin Lith Print / unique print

Day long workshp - all materials included run in Sheffield at my own darkroom £245.00

A day-long workshop, which includes everything you need to learn and discover the wonderful world of Lith printing. This is fundamentally a tweaked version of traditional darkroom printing involving a different developer with specific characteristics, which results in images with wonderful creamy highlights and mid-tones and grainy pure black shadows.

Working with Lith is very therapeutic, you as photographer have plenty of control and it becomes a wonderful way to work. The day is spent working from your own negatives and we go through all the possibilities that Lith printing affords. Including colour variations, and working with various tonal and contrast levels.

Lith printing more than any other printing techniques allows a huge level of interpretation, experimentation and enjoyment, sometimes from the most uninspiring of negatives!
It is an extremely flexible process and many variations are possible.

I also supply a ‘cheat sheet’, which goes through the process as we covered it so post workshop you can refresh your memory. Any you’ll leave with your very own pack of Lith prints.

Sheffield dates are flexible and often, Email or call for further information or to book.