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Glass plate negatives - silver gelatin DRY PLATE

Full portfolio - coming soon.

1 day workshop (Negatives only £245.00) two days (Includes Ambrotypes) £330.00.

I specialise in Gelatin dry plate. A wonderful process which, I feel, connects you in a direct way to photography, we literally start the day with glass plate / chemicals and emulsion. And coat, expose and process the resulting hand made plates – resulting in artisan hand made glass plate negatives The resulting negative can then be scanned or traditionally printed (either contact printed or enlarged).
Hand made glass pate negatives are almost grain free and so are capable of fantastic enlargement.

The workshop covers everything you need to go on to create and work with glass plate negatives. We go through everything from coating techniques, working out the ISO, contrast control and development techniques.

During this creative, hands on and revealing day-long photography workshop you can explore the wonders of glass plate photography. You will learn various creative techniques for working with glass plate negatives. Various coating options will be covered from how to pour a perfect flawless plate to how to add imperfections and interesting boarders for the more 'analogue' feel.

The purpose of the workshop is such that you will leave with all the knowledge and experience to go on and create your own plates and work with your own equipment..

Sheffield dates are flexible and often, Email or call for further information or to book.