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1 day, all materials included, just bring negatives and any prints you wish to discuss.

If you have only ever scanned negatives and want to increase your control and open up the possibilities of traditional printing, this workshop covers everything you’ll need to know. The day will start by making contact prints - a very effective editing and assessment tool – showing which negatives are worth printing and which should be edited out. We then go on the make a test strip and a work print – the basis for more complicated fine printing later in the afternoon. Students will be shown how to produce basic black and white prints and how to use filter grades as well as basic techniques of dodging and burning. This workshop is a fantastic introduction to the world of traditional printing you will leave with hand printed, archaically-processed prints of your own work. With the knowledge to carry on printing going forward.

Ideal for people who are starting to think about setting up a darkroom and printing their own work (which can be done reasonably cheaply via Ebay) – and allows an understanding of what you need and what you don’t... it is very easy to spend a lot of money and end up with a lot of expensive but unnecessary equipment.

Many things are covered in this day-long workshop including: Understanding the chemicals required / Coldtone and Warmtone papers / Contrast control / Multigrade printing / Archival processing / Split Grade Printing / Equipment and material choices.

This is very much an artisan craft and we discuss various options to differentiate your work, like all workshops this is hands-on where you’ll be printing your own negatives and taking your very own darkroom prints home with you. I supply a small workbook for you to take with you, which covers everything in the workshop that serves as a refresher for when you go it alone.